Saturday 17th June, 2023


Modern Calligraphy For Beginners

Location: The Art Worker’s Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT
Time: 1:30pm-3:30pm

Join Katie Noakes, London Calligraphy’s founder for a crative experience and learn Modern Calligraphy.

The in-person modern calligraphy course includes:

  • A personalised modern calligraphy kit, including a pen holder, ink, nibs, paper and other stationery treats.
  • 2 hours of modern calligraphy instruction, including 1 to 1 help. You will learn essential calligraphy techniques and how to use a dip pen and ink. The workshop will begin with practicing the basic strokes before moving onto the alphabet. Time will then be spent developing words and your own style.
  • Tips, ideas and insider info from a practicing calligrapher.
  • Lots of inspiration to bring handwritten notes back into your life!
  • Light refreshments

In stock

Your tutor Katie produces calligraphy work for a wide range of high profile clientele including Royal Ascot, Buckingham Palace, Claridge’s, Corinthia London, Fenwick, Fortnum & Mason, Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, Sézane & Tiffany & Co. to name a few. She loves to share her skills at her calligraphy classes and help people discover their own journey and handwriting style with ink.

The cost of the modern calligraphy class includes a calligraphy starter kit to use in the class and to take home with you so you can walk away and practice to your heart’s content.

Workshop duration: 2 hours.

Please note the ink can stain clothes, so please bear this in mind when dressing on the day.

Please arrive by 1:25 pm as the class will start on time. Doors will open at 1:15pm

Please make sure you can attend the calligraphy class before booking. Tickets are non-refundable.

Katie looks forward to meeting you!

Based on 172 reviews
Jonathon Grant
Jonathon Grant
October 8, 2022.
Really, truly such a wonderful experience and fabulous night. It was very classy and beautifully presented. I'd recommend this to everyone and will be coming back for sure1
Jenny McCarten
Jenny McCarten
October 7, 2022.
I took the beginners course online and the improvers course in person, both were great. Katie is a lovely teacher, the classes are very nicely paced for everyone to go at their own speed, the materials are great and theres lots of instruction for how to keep practicing at home afterwards. Loved this class.
Lily Smith
Lily Smith
September 9, 2022.
Went to the Beginners class this Tuesday 6 Sept and it was lovely! I did calligraphy as a child, but it's been many years since then and I want to pick up the hobby again so decided to start from scratch and attended the Beginners class. I'm glad I did because it was such a fun and lovely evening. The other students were lovely too. Katie is so friendly, helpful and accommodating. At multiple times during the lesson you got the chance to have her assistance on your work, which was very reassuring. Looking forward to coming back for Improver lessons at some point.
Jyoti Patel
Jyoti Patel
July 31, 2022.
The workshop was held in a delightful environment. Katie is a very patient and lovely teacher, she made every aspect of the two hours so relaxing and even though the time went quick, we felt we walked away with so many great tips and skills to build on.
Gabriella Bazzo
Gabriella Bazzo
July 30, 2022.
I received the Introduction to Modern Calligraphy as a birthday gift. What an absolutely delightful way to spend an afternoon. Katie made the time truly lovely and the introduction was helpful and accessible. My friend and I could have stayed for much longer. If you are interested in dipping your toe into the creativity of calligraphy I could not recommend this course more highly.
Wing Lau
Wing Lau
July 15, 2022.
I thoroughly enjoyed my beginners lesson at the Art Worker's Guild. Katie is a wonderful teacher and despite being in a group lesson, there was lots for 1:1 time and individual tips. I would recommend this lesson to anyone thinking of picking up calligraphy!
Pam Aguila
Pam Aguila
July 14, 2022.
Katie's wonderful! Very skillful ❤️
Pearl Erlich
Pearl Erlich
July 13, 2022.
The class was really informative whether you are a beginner or have dabbled in calligraphy before! Beautiful setup and you really get great quality stationary! Thank you
Maia Bauman
Maia Bauman
June 21, 2022.
I attended a group class and it was wonderful in all aspects. A few points that stood out: 1. Most important to me was learning enough in an initial session to then be able to improve on my own. Katie is not only an expert at the art of calligraphy but she is a kind, authentic, and astute teacher as well. Not everyone who knows how to do something also knows how to teach, so kudos to Katie for facilitating a great class. The session includes a kit that equips you to practice on your own too. 2. The class was also welcoming to all in the (yes, as the other reviews say) elegant venue. The overall tenor was warm and everyone got individualized tips as Katie circulated around several times after demonstrations. 3. By the end of 2 hours, we could write a gift tag on a rose to present to a loved one--a perfect first project that connects us to the craft and to others. Very thoughtful curriculum! 4. Katie is an inspiring entrepreneur who has been recognized as expert by many others and who also makes learning feel easy. Thank you, Katie and London Calligraphy!
S Nazarian
S Nazarian
May 11, 2022.
I attended the beginners London calligraphy 2-hour class and it was brilliant. Katie is so knowledgeable and really does pass all on all her tips and tricks. Such a wonderful 2 hours would definitely recommend!


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